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Webinar: Online Customer Day

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WBS Code:  CRM-XE17-GIC-MSB_Act6

Availability:  EMEA & MEE


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The Webinar - Online Customer Day is a 90-minute live Webcast from your location featuring several short presentations. During the Webcast, your online audience can interact with the presenters via a live Q&A. You simply share your Webinar link with your audience, who are then able to view your online Webcast through any device - including mobile and tablet.

Language: English (translation available)

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In Depth

What does this package include?

  • A designated Webcast producer, who will be on hand in the run up to, and when the event goes live. Our producer will liaise with the team presenting to ensure that the main roles on the day are clear, and ensure presenters are rehearsed for the Webcast
  • A customized event page will be created to replicate your Website, so your clients can feel at home with its functionality
  • We will produce a branded e-mail campaign for your marketing team. This includes the invite and reminder e-mails which will be sent out at the intervals you require
  • HD cameras are used to capture your Webinar
  • Post event statistics including viewing numbers, who clicked what, and how long viewers spent on your Webinar
  • Recording at your premises, or a location arranged by you within a 2-hour drive from London
  • Our producer will liaise with your I.T department, to ensure your internet connection is configured for the Webcast
  • Dependent on the location you choose, we will set up a mini studio there for the Webcast host
  • The ability to interact with your audience with a live Q&A
  • Post event recording is available online via the Webcast link for six months. You can also choose to upload the video link to your Website, or share the link via e-mail with colleagues and clients
  • All material will be produced in English. If you require the Webcast to be recorded in another language, please complete the enquiry form with your requirements
  • 15-minute consultation to discuss any further requirements

What do I need to do?

We will require you to have a date and title for the event, and provide us with photographs and biographies of the main presenters. 

We will have to agree on a suitable URL link for the Webcast audience to visit, allowing viewers to watch the Webcast. Once this has been finalized, you will need to provide us with a brief for the design and visual layout requirements.

How do I get it?

The Webcast/Webinar itself is hosted on-line.  If required, we can make and send via e-mail a recording of just the video for you. This recording would be a 1080 HD video recording. We can supply you with unedited footage within 3-4 hours, and the final edited video in up to seven working days.

How long will it take?

  • Live event pre-production 4 weeks
  • Post event unedited 3-4 hours
  • Post event edited 1 week

Like the idea of this package?

Please complete the enquiry form and you will be contacted to discuss your requirements, costs, timeline, and any further detail.

Key Details

Product Code Delivery Duration Qualifies for MDF Refund?  Quantity Guide price

Live event pre-production 4 weeks

Post event unedited 3-4 hours

Post event edited 1 week




(Subject to travel and expenses)


Package Video

Webinar Example

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