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SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution: Animated Video


Availability:  EMEA & MEE


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Bring your solution to life and promote it with a professional, co-branded video

Communicate the core value of your offering and explain why your customer should be interested. Create a short promotional Teaser Video that complies with SAP guidelines and also includes your own branding.

These videos are part of the SAP Partner standard bill of materials, so are essential if you’re a Qualified Partner. They’re produced by an approved SAP marketing agency with various options – for example, you can specify language, whether to have music, white or black background, voiceover (additional fee), and so on.

Everything is fully compliant with SAP brand guidelines, and will also include your logo and call to action. There are different production options, and you can choose to introduce your solution personally, or simply use standard SAP content.

Your teaser video can be used on the web, in social media, on videopacks and elsewhere, helping you make a strong impression quickly.

A short promotional teaser video is a great way of quickly helping your audience understand the essence and value of your solution.

Best of all, everything’s 100% MDF refundable.


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In Depth


What does this package include?
A co-branded short animated video introduction to your SAP qualified partner package solution. See example.

How do I get it?/How long will it take?
It’s just €1,200 to get started – 50% now, 50% at campaign start and 100% MDF refundable – then simply provide the following to the SAP MSB CC so it can deliver the Teaser Video on your behalf:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Details of the solution to be promoted
  • If relevant, the Qualified Solution summary page from Partner-Package Finder.
  • SAP Partner logo that is to be displayed in the video (jpeg, png, gif)
  • URLs of both your SAP Partner Web page and, if relevant, the URL to your SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution on the Partner-Package Finder
  • Confirmation of language to be used, i.e. English

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