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Fast-Start Campaign for SAP Business One®

Price available on request

WBS Code:  CRM-XE17-GIC-MSB_Act50

Availability:  EMEA & MEE


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Use these prepackaged marketing campaigns to quickly and cost-effectively run lead generation activities to prospects and customers. The packages contain all the material and marketing messages needed to run a successful promotion for SAP Business One. Available in a wide range of languages, you can customize these products with your own offers and messages.  

There are four package duration options for this Fast-Start campaign. Dependent upon whether you buy the 3, 6, 9, or 12-month package, accessibility to functions within this package vary. Please see package details below for more detail.

Please see package details below for more detail or download the Fast-Start Campaign Business One Guide.

Language: English (translation available)

Please contact your MSB CC advisor to find out more.

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In Depth

What does this package include?*

  • Initial consultation with MSB CC 
  • Promotional e-mail (MSB CC funnel)
  • E-mail signature (MSB CC funnel)
  • Social Media (Includes: 1 x blog, 6 x picture tweets, 1 x LinkedIn post and Facebook post) (MSB CC funnel)
  • Landing page (MSB CC funnel)
  • Thank you page and e-mail (MSB CC funnel)
  • Notification e-mail (MSB CC funnel)
  • Campaign reporting (MSB CC funnel)
  • Infographic (6 months+ packages only)
  • E-book (9 months+ packages only)

What do I need to do?

You will be required to specify the length of time you want this package for and complete the Fast-Start Campaign requirements documents form with Fast-Start Campaign Guide. This package varies in price, dependent upon the duration you require - we are offering this package to run for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. 

How do I get it?/How long will it take?

Please contact your MSB CC advisor for an in-depth description surrounding all aspects of this package.

*Subject to availability

Like the idea of this package?

Please complete the enquiry form and you will be contacted to discuss your requirements, costs, timeline, and any further detail.                  

Key Details

Product Code Delivery Duration Qualifies for MDF Refund?  Quantity Package Cost
00143 2 to 4 weeks Yes Available on Request



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