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Meeting Facilitation: 1 Day Meeting for up to 20 People

€5,411.00 - €6,550.00

WBS Code:  CRM-XE17-GIC-MSB_Act31

Availability:  EMEA & MEE


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We offer an impartial and skilled set of hands to lead your meeting, allowing you and your colleagues to focus on the important content. This will enable you to quickly establish effective working relationships with your clients by eliminating common meeting problems.

Language: English (translation available)

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In Depth

Our meeting facilitators will work with you to understand what you need and will spot opportunities to engage with your participants in a way that is both bold and fresh. Our years of experience coupled with a hunger for what’s new, means that we design memorable meeting experiences.

What does this package include?

  • A detailed pre-meeting call with the meeting owner to understand the purpose and context of the meeting
  • Bespoke creative design work incorporating calls with key stakeholders
  • Production of meeting design for the meeting owner
  • Production of agenda for the meeting group to begin early effective engagement
  • Set up of meeting room
  • All materials (pens and paper)
  • One-day facilitation of the meeting
  • Provision of a meeting record using digital images of work done
  • Languages: English, French, Greek. Other languages are available upon request
  • 15-minute consultation to discuss any further requirements

What do I need to do?
You will be required to provide us with a brief of your meeting, so we can create an agenda to address your aims and outcomes for this meeting.

How do I get it?
We will facilitate your meeting within a timeframe agreed on the initial pre-meeting call.

How long will it take?Up to four weeks planning. You will receive your digital meeting record within 48 hours.

Like the idea of this package?
Please complete the enquiry form and you will be contacted to discuss your requirements, costs, timeline, and any further detail.   

Key Details

 Product Code Delivery Duration Qualifies for MDF Refund? Quantity Package Cost
00078-1 Up to 4 weeks. Digital meeting record within 48 hours Yes 1 €5,411.00 - €6,550.00


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